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What is Podcasting

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What is Podcasting?


Podcasting put simply is audio blogging. It refers to the production of audio files that are then uploaded to a web space and made available for listening and downloading as distinct files or via RSS subscription. The term 'podcasting' came from the use of an Apple iPod to store the MP3 files. However, podcasting can be done with any MP3 player.


The Three P's of Podcasting: Three easy steps to create your own podcast!

Explore the procedures used for podcasting under the three main headings.


Consider the following before even starting to record your podcast:

  • What is the name of your podcast?
  • How long will it be?
  • Who will be heard? In what order?
  • What music or sound effects do you need?
  • What software do you need?
  • Where will your podcast be available for download?



Recording your podcast is easy however you need some basic equipment:


Computer and audio recording/editing software

Music making software

Royalty-free music

Recording your first Podcast: Tips and Tricks



Now that you have created your podcast and converted it to an MP3 format where are you going to publish it?

Archive.org allows free server space for storing multimedia files. To use archive.org:

  • Join archive.org, click on Get Library Card
  • When logged in as a member click on Contributions, and then click on How to Upload
  • The easiest way to upload your podcast is by using the ccPublisher software downloadable from archive.org
  • Follow the instructions in ccPublisher for uploading your podcast and wait 24 hours for it to become available
  • Check on its progress by logging in and going to archive.org/contribute.php
  • Create a new entry on your blog or website about your podcast
  • Find your podcast on the report page and select Copy Link Location. (Choose between the different file versions e.g. 64Kbps or 128Kbps)
  • Use this as a hyperlink to text on your blog for users to access your podcast


Links to more information about Podcasting

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