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Podcast Resources

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Podcast Resources for Educators



Finding and Publishing Podcasts

*Searchable Podcast Directory from Recap Ltd, UK. See blog posting

*The Education Podcast Network created by David Warlick collects podcasters and ideas

*Podomatic is a great place to register, create a free podcast blog area, upload and/or create your own podcast and interact with other podcasters! It has it all

*Evoca is a great way to create online, upload and share podcasts. Here is an online screencast showing how to use Evoca

*Podcast Alley Education directory. At last count there were 843 listings under this category

*Learn Out Loud is a one-stop destination for audio and video learning. It features a catalog of educational audio books, podcasts, downloads and free resources

*Podcasting News

*Every Podcast

*Podcast Pickle

*Publicizing Podcasts: 13 Free Services You Can Use by M Guhlin

General Information and More

*Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand Podcast directory for finding, creating, subscribing and listening to podcasts

*K12 Handhelds page on Podcasting

*Podcasting: What you need to get started from K12 Handhelds

*Podcasting in Education from Apple UK

*Podcast 411 for general resources for listeners and podcasters

*The Podcasting eBook

*Podcast Resources contains a variety of information on how to create, produce and publish podcasts

*Gary Stager's Podcasting Resources for Educators and Students provides a comprehensive list of links including a Podcasting Toolkit

*The kit and how to use it provided by MLFE on how to start podcasting

*Educators tips for podcasts and podcasting

*Podcasting Resources created by Wesley Fryer on the Digital Literacy wiki

*How Stuff Works: Podcasting

*Podcasting created by the Modern Foreign Languages Environment, Scotland, provides a resource for getting started with podcasting

*Podcasting Resources by Miguel Guhlin, provides an extensive list of resources including royalty-free music sources

Blogs, Bloggers, Books and Articles about Podcasting

*Podcasting and All That Jazz, a blog dedicated to discussion about the concept and practice of podcasting in education

*Pod Pedagogy covers educational uses for the iPod including news, tutorials, tips and techniques

*Kirk's Eight Rules of Effective Podcasting

*Podcasting in Education

*Exploiting the educational potential of podcasting

*Web 2.0 Coming of Age An introduction to the new world wide web by Terry Freedman (Ed)

*Wikipedia article on Podcasting

*Classroom Audio Podcasting and Classroom Podcasting Benefits by Wesley Fryers

*7 Things you should know about Podcasting from the Educause Learning Initiative Series

*There's Something in the Air: Podcasting in Education Educause Review, Nov/Dec 2005

*Teaching and Learning with Podcasting University of Wisconsin

*Podcasting and Vodcasting: A White Paper University of Missouri, March 2005

*Podcasting in Education: Apple Video Series

*Pedagogy for Podcasting (with Sample)

*Podcasts for Educators is the weblog of Recap Ltd, providing resources for educators for podcasting

Online courses

*Podcasting Basics provides a user-friendly online tutorial for educators

*WebMonkey Tutorial

*BBC Radio Step by step guide to getting a podcast

*Beginners guide to podcast creation


Music Resources





*Apple iTunes to download for Mac and PC, version 6 has a built-in podcast directory


*MP3 driver for Audacity LAME

*ODEO Play, download and create podcasts


Also see Best Educational Podcasts on this wiki


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