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Podcast Bangladesh

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Podcast Bangladesh is a project of the International School Dhaka led by educational technology coordinator, Julie Lindsay.

Essential online resources:

Podcast Bangladesh Blog

Podcasting and All That Jazz Blog

Podcasting and All That Jazz Wiki

NECC06 Presentation

Where is Bangladesh?

See Bangladesh Location Map

View The Day Begins in Dhaka video

Ubiquitous Computing and Podcasting for Curriculum Integration

What does it take to achieve ubiquitous computing?

- A mobile computing environment: laptops and handhelds

- A wireless network to service devices and provide Intranet and Internet access

- A tech support department ready to cope with connectivity and other problems

- A desire to enhance student-led learning and authentic assessment

- A practical approach to 'Just-in-Time' professional development and integration objectives

Handheld and Laptop Initiatives For Education: 1-to-1 computing!


Using handhelds to access and share information: (MP3 files, eBooks, beaming files)


Using laptops to access and share information and record podcasts:

What can be done using Podcasting as a tool in a ubiquitous computing environment?

This is limited only by your imagination?

- Downloading and listening to relevant curriculum-based material made off-campus

- Teacher-created material to support internal needs (e.g. school production rehearsal songs; Language B material)

- School-created podcasts for community engagement and fun!

- Student-created podcasts for assessment, reflection, interaction, collaboration (aiming for 'real' dialogue rather than regurgitated material: plagerism avoidence)

The Evolution of Podcast Bangladesh: Podcasting and All That Jazz Bangladesh Style

View Podcast Bangladesh Review July 2006 video

- Podcast Bangladesh started as an after school activity club with four keen students who thought it might be fun to play around with audio recording.

- The first two real episodes (Pod B Episode 1 and Blog), (Pod B Episode 2 and Blog) were in 'radio program' variety style. Students learned techniques for interviewing, recording, audio mixing and editing, and uploading MP3 files.

- The senior ITGS (Information Technology in a Global Society) class created podcasts based on thier digital divide studies. Pod B Episode 3 and Pod B Episode 4 and Pod B Episode 5

- Interview programs with teachers and students: Pod B Episode 6 The Digital Divide and Education and Pod B Episode 7 MYP Personal Project Exhibition

- Online Debate with the ITGS class: Pod B Episode 8 (compilation) See the ITGS Forum blog posting for more details about the debate

- Learning a Language via Podcast Blog posting

- International Student Online Debate: Bangladesh to Australia School students can use the web to change the world and The Debate continues

- Digitales and Podcasting: Grade 10 students discuss the development of their digital stories

Global Collaboration and Podcasting: Past, Present and Future

Podcasting and using audio/multimedia via the Internet provides interesting opportunities for cross-cultural and global collaboration.

Benefits include:

- Forming a closer relationship with partners

- Providing an alternative to text-based communication to enhance understanding

- A fun way to learn about technology tools

Example: International Online Debate Bangladesh to Australia

- Global Podcasting Project Proposal Hear the World

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