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How to Podcast

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Making Podcast Bangladesh!!


See also What is Podcasting for The Three P's of Podcasting


Recording the Podcast


Digital Voice Recorders

Olympus WS100

Olympus WS300



This device records in WMF format. It has a USB connection directly into the computer.


The utility winLAME can be used to convert these files into MP3 format as shown:






Audacity to import and edit audio files and export as MP3 format



Putting the Podcast Online


Use archive.org to host audio files and the downloadable application ccPublisher to upload files





Blogger.com to create an online blog to deliver the podcasts


Creating an RSS Feed


Feedburner to create a feed. All you need is a free subscription to Feedburner and the URL of your blog.



Once the feed is created put the RSS feed link on your blog with an appropriate chiclet (available from Feedburner).



Subscribers can copy and paste the URL of the feed into their RSS aggregator or open the feed page and use the options given by Feedburner.


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